Sunday, September 14, 2008


i hi , that devilishly handsome fellow in the above pic is me, Devin Harrigan commonly know about the place as featherweight , king or cardbaord , master of glue , eater of gummis. ok frist things frist i knwo this site sucks, second i know my spellings bad (dislexic) but this site is only a stop gap measure till something better looking (and spell checked) can replace it. For now thou this blog will serve as my hub for all my varius interweby goings ons update will be made by editing the existing posts so just keep you eye on this page to stay updated on all things featherweighty. 

*update* new book in the works 

check here fro detials 

I take commissions !

i am now putting to gether my next commission list if your intrested in an item nowwould be a good time to ask

If you have a  prop your intrested in having me it for you please do feel free to contact me about it i'd be happy to give you a quote and let you know when i'd advalilbe to to work on it.

do keep a afew things in mind thou

-please send clear (non fanart) pictures of the item along with the quote request 

-if its something i've resently just built i'm not likely going to be intrested in remarking it anytime some

-my props are reasonilbly priced consittering the meny meny hours of work i put in to them  but not what some would call cheap to give you and idea and averge sized kanata cost around 60us and an basic hand gun costs about 75us 

-i will ship pretty much anywhere usp will take it but the cost of shipping is not inclued in the quote for the prop. ever. 

-unless your are local to me i can not do items that have to be fitted to you , armour and helmets etc.

- please do not send me a list of items long enough to be a years work e.i. every prop you like from every anime you've ever whached 

-if the item has any moving parts or has to be made caplasilbe it will cost abit more becouse it is more work

-i can not make an item for you if it is too large to ship if you can not pick it up localy 

ok thats that's it! other than that if its soild i'd likely be willing to give it ago! 

my e-mail's this is also my MSN feel free to email or add me if you want a quote or have any quostions

I write Books

This is my book store  at this time i have three books out. They are as you have probly geussed about cardbaord prop and costume making. I do have plans to write more in the near futucher  

links and more links

here's varius links to sites and things about me (cause i'm awesome)

site for my "ultimate thing costume" link of my thing costume 

artical about the thing costume in maxium 

site for my strike gundam costume

an artical i wrote for ANN on prop making

pics of our reboot cosplay group just scroll down to "FAN EXPO PHOTOS"

a slide show vid of the "least i could do/looking for group" guys con season i'm in afew of the pics

lar and ryan ("least i could do/lfg" guys)  doing an interview with NAKED NEWS holding my props  


Theese are mostly the early hand darwn tutorials i've writen they are hosted on the props boards which is a great place to lrean about things and ask questions. 

my frist katana as well as sheath and broad sword tutorials

basics of Cardboard Helms

Ichigo Hollow Mask

K.H. Keyblade


Trench Knive

Automail (its very old and pretty bad)



yeah that's right i have a youtube account

Cosplay Gallery

ok here's my main gallery where i post my work on